Welcome to Kalø!

"Højskolen på Kalø" is a danish folk high school located in some of the most beautiful nature in Danmark. We are surrounded by sea, forest and small hills.


We offer a course in Dansk Sprog og Kultur (Danish Language and Culture) and we get students each year form all around the world. We teach Danish in several levels - starting from level 1 with beginners to the highest level with more advanced Danish. At Højskolen på Kalø you will learn Danish very fast!

Staying at Kalø means that you will live together with students from all parts of the world, and that there are plenty of opportunities for international friendships and relation-building both in classes and in the freetime. At the school there are also many Danish students, who participate in the Outdoor Ranger program. 

Everyday life at Kalø: 

Compulsory subjects for Dansk Sprog og Kultur:

  • Basic Danish: Conversation, pronunciation, grammar and writing
  • Danish culture: Learn about the Danish society, traditions and important aspects of the Danish culture
  • Fællestime: Once a week the whole school meet and discuss all kinds of topics including music, art, philosophy and contemporary debates
  • 5 days study trip in Denmark


Elective subjects for Dansk Sprog og Kultur: (afternoon)

  • I form (Sports, crossfit, running, yoga etc)
  • Outdoor (Kayaking, hiking, climbing etc)
  • Art and culture (Photographing, music, drawing etc) 


Højskolen på Kalø can help to organize internships in local danish organizations, businesses or institutions. The internships are mainly placed in the afternoons, evenings and weekends. Exampels of previous internships: Kindergarten, school, hotel, restaurant, supermarked, farming etc. 



24 weeks (Spring)

Dansk Sprog og Kultur: 34.800 kr all inclusive

Outdoor Ranger: 36.800 kr all inclusive

18 weeks (Autumn) 

Dansk Sprog og Kultur: 27.600 kr all inclusive

Outdoor Ranger: 29.600 kr all inclusive

Sign up

If you wish to sign up for a course at Kalø please write us an email (mail@kalohojskole.dk) where you provide us with your full name, date of birth, gender, email, telephone number, adress and which course you wish to sign up for. (See our calendar below) We will answer within a week and inform you about the total price and how you can pay. When we receive the money at our account, we will inform you that you are enrolled as a student at Kalø!

You are always welcome to email or call for further information and any questions. Our office is open monday to friday 9.00 AM - 2.00 PM

Are you from Japan?

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